China Salesman 2017


But please no more long winded dialogue from Iron Mike !!! Just keep it short and sweet !!! This film reminded me of Sahara , Wolf Warrior 2 and Red Scorpion !! I guess maybe they could have dubbed the English dialogue for the non English actors because the accents of the French, African and Chinese actors and actresses speaking English was not too clear when spoken or at least subtitle all dialogue !!! This was really a non martial arts action film when it looks like it would be on the blu-ray cover !!! Steven Seagal with his beer belly and expressionless mask face was so out of place in this film !!! Iron Mike Tyson lost a lot of weight and looked like a bobble-head church gargoyle with his fake Afro-Bronx accent but he became the Mad Dog equivalent !!! It is not as bad as most reviewers have deemed it !!!


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