Duck duck Goose 2018

Most often, the sudden appearance of a child radically changes the habitual way of life, forcing a new look at the world. On our movie screens, the premiere of the animated film entitled “Papa-Mama Goose” was started, from director Chris Jenkins. Lovers of cartoons, he is already well known for such works as “House” and “Catch the wave!”.

In the lead roles took part such celebrities as: Lance Lim, Zendey, Jim Geffigan and Greg Prups (in the role of an unmatched cat Banzu). When translating into Russian, our stars also distinguished themselves. The main roles were performed by Polina Gagarina, Sergey Garmash and Natan.

A young self-confident goose bachelor named Pam is an absolutely free bird, does what he wants, completely disregarding the rules of his pack. During the general preparation for the flight to the south, Pam, boasting with his tricks, breaks the wing. After which he is forced to fly with the children. One awkward movement of his wing and from the flock are separated two small ducklings. Now he faces two tasks: to heal the sick wing in order to continue the flight and return the kids to their parents.

The picture of the film is simply excellent: the outlines are clear, the colors are bright. The plot is very exciting, it makes the main character sympathize. His selfishly philistine character at the end of the picture reveals itself, filling with notes of caring and love for one’s neighbor.

Plus the cartoon is filled with a huge amount of humor and self-irony. In its atmosphere the cartoon is very similar to the famous “Shrek”. All these qualities suggest that “Papa-Mama Goose” is aimed at a wide audience of spectators. Watch this cartoon will be interesting to all fans of animation, adventure and family stories.

I wish you pleasant viewing!

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