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Hellboy 2019


I’Although the effort of the director and the talent of the actors, the movie lacks the charm of the Guillermo del Toro duology. The movie is way more faithful to the comics but it also tries to be faithful to the previous movies (which every reboot should try to be) but it just becomes a mess of attempts. The CGI is overused- WHEN WILL STUDIOS LEARN!- and although the creatures design is very interesting, pretty much every character lacks the dept the old duology provided. At the end of the day Hellboy(2019) is just another failed reboot that tries to be it’s own thing while respecting the previous movies. My rating? 5 out of 10, but I do agree with the 61% rating on rotten tomatoes because the movie isn’t all crap, there’s a charm to it but it’s not enough to make you overlook it’s flaws. Just watch the Guillermo del Toro duology, it’s a far superior franchise, and I would of loved to see the third movie if the studios didn’t cancelled it. If you are interested in the director Neill Marshall (which despite the failed attempt of rebooting Hellboy is a damn good director) go watch Dog Soldiers which is criminally underrated. See you next time at the movies, Ruben the Critic





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