How to create an avatar chibi Facebook with Unnie doll

How to create an avatar chibi Facebook with Unnie doll

If we used to create Facebook avatars, we only have the option to use still images. Now, however, you have many options to refresh your Facebook avatar, such as using a video to make a Facebook avatar , creating a Facebook avatar frame , or using applications to style Facebook avatars.

Unnie doll is a chibi-style Facebook profile application. Especially the application also divided into male and female users, to provide various chibi design options. The following article will show you how to create a chibi avatar image for Facebook.

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Guide to creating a chibi Facebook profile photo

Step 1:

The application will have 2 versions of Oppa doll for men and Unnie doll for women. You choose to download according to the operating system used.

  • Oppa doll (Male) Android
  • Unnie doll (Female) Android
  • Oppa doll (Male) iOS
  • Unnie doll (Female) iOS

Step 2:

After downloading the application and proceeding to start, press the Start button to start. In the main interface click the plus button to proceed with chibi character design.


Users choose eyes, eyebrows, hairstyles, … facial parts for their chibi shape.

Next choose the outfit, add some other costume accessories for chibi characters like shoes, eyeglasses, … if you like.

Step 3:

After designing, click on the download icon in the top right corner. The application then asks if you want to download the image, press the O to save the image.

Step 4:

We can then select the background for the chibi image by clicking on the image icon. Add other details to the image, or insert words for the character with the conversation icon . If you want to delete any details, just scroll down to the trash can icon .

You should choose the details to match the composition, do not choose much to avoid confusion.

Step 5:

If you have completed the design click on the camera icon . In case you want to modify the chibi design, click the pen icon, want to delete the trash can icon.

Here we will see the camera icon and share icon. Also the image is set to the default size of 1: 1, which can be changed to 16: 9 if you like.

To add photos to the album press the camera icon and then agree to the application to access the album.

If you want to share a chibi image, click the share icon and select the app. The final chibi image when replaced with Facebook avatar will be as follows.

Add a refreshing style to your Facebook avatar in a cute and unique chibi style. Users will design chibi by different themes with the items that the application provides.

Instructions for using Unnie doll to create Facebook avatars

I wish you all success!



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