The 2017 film Mountain is a collaborative film between Australian Director Jennifer Peedom and the Aust" />

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The 2017 film Mountain is a collaborative film between Australian Director Jennifer Peedom and the Australian Chamber Orchestra.

Director, Jennifer Peedom has really brought a crystal ball experience as a well-informed citizen of the world to the table, showing unearthly Mountains from around the globe to explore. Freakish opening visuals have been guided in by Rene Ozturk, narration by a Willem Dafoe and lastly a great music score to take refuge in by Richard Tognetti. It expertly touches on our consistently fragile and adventurous human nature. It’s a perfect set up of creatives to entertain the viewer.

The music is a stand out element being utilized in sequences that balances electronic textures with other world like vocals that whisper in your ear, as you visually fall back to earth, alongside the daredevil mountain folk from an unscalable precipice. The Australian Chamber Orchestra deliver music by Vivaldi, and other classical composers perfectly supporting the epic montages with a fantastic hand.

There are great editing sequences throughout the film that let you experience intimately every the kinetic feeling of the insanity of jumping off a cliff, or tightrope walking between unfathomable red rock desert monsters. The sequences of the earth’s seasonal rhythmic patterns pay tribute to our everyday emotions.

American Actor, Willem Dafoe voice deeply narrates the words of the British writer Robert Macfarlane like a timeless guide unpacking dialog that unlocks the mystery behind each mountain, whilst you wait quietly your fate.

Jen Peedom and the team have really taken us to the top of the form here. We are in her safe hands with plenty of poetic substance. Only advice is to go and see it.

Loved it!


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