Nuclear Powered Toaster

 Nuclear Powered Toaster a sinister plan with spaceships, blasters, and the world’s oddest janitor in this absurd sci-fi tale!.

Nuclear Powered Toaster PC Game Overview:

Nuclear Powered Toaster is developed and published by Hosted Games. It was released in 25 Oct, 2018.

It’s always a bit stressful on graduation day. The uncertainty of the future, the excitement of endless possibilities, and of course getting blown out of the sky by a weapon that should no longer exist. Welcome to Earth in the 24th century.

Nuclear Powered Toaster is a 160,000 word interactive sci-fi novel by Matt Simpson, where your choices control the story. It’s entirely text-basedu2014without graphics or sound effectsu2014and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

Key Fetures:
Play as smuggler Alexi Beaumont, or superpowered government agent Fiorella Branford for two distinct experiences.
Meet new and interesting people on Duck Mountain, and try not to be incinerated by them!
Team up with a henchman, an actor, or the solar system’s oddest janitor.
Uncover a global conspiracy and bring down a mysterious terrorist…if you can.
Resolve situations with wits, force, or just harness the erratic power of pure insanity.
Endeavor to keep on good terms with your comrades, or risk turning an ally into an enemy!

How To Install Nuclear Powered Toaster Free Download:

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1. Free Download Nuclear Powered Toaster PC Game Here:

2. Install.
3. Crack Nuclear Powered Toaster (See Tutorial Video below if you don’t know).
4. Play game.
5. Have fun ^^.




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