Operation Red Sea 2018


Hong Kong director Dante Lam and his Hong Kong staffs with Mainland Chinese filmmakers perfectly collaborated in this blockbuster war action film. It highly exceeds War Wolf series (2015-17) that the top Asian box office hit film franchise in film history.

China is the most successful socialist country and its film policy is socialist realism. The origin of this tradition was Chapayev (1937) and Alexander Nevsky (1939). You can see old fashioned propaganda films are bureaucratically failed in dogmatism and mixed with art film style in the past. They just hated Hollywood genre films in terms of propaganda war.

What they forgot in the past was what Lenin and Eisenstein said for filmmaking. Eisenstein said: ‘Applying all valuable achievements in the art practices in the past no matter whether it’s feudalistic or capitalistic. Moreover, there is no so called ‘socialist culture’. There will be only humanistic culture within classless society.’ This is the true NEP in filmmaking. That is the true ‘socialist realism’ if use this term not in stalinist meaning.

The contemporary Chinese filmmakers consciously learned both Hollywood and Hong Kong genre filmmaking that the most people enjoy in the modern society. That does not mean abandon of socialism but it is the necessary evolution of technology and learning the most advanced stage of development of capitalist cultural devices are necessary for socialist filmmaking. The Operation Red Sea is based on The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA)’s anti-pirates and anti-terrorist operations in Africa and Middle East regions. This topic itself is a realist approach to the politically important and meaningful incidents that are really photogenic.

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