Satan’s Slaves 2017


This is my first Indonesian horror film n what an awesome horror film it turned out to b. After reading that it is a slow burner my excitement dropped but once I played the dvd, from the settings I cud smell that it’s gonna b creepy. A big ol house situated next to the cemetary in the rural Jakarta is sufficiently eerie. The performances, from the star cast, especially the small kid n the elder sis are grounded and very convincing. The director’s approach to the suspense and horror is slow-building but very very creepy. He shud b given a chance to direct a part of the franchise from the Insidious, Conjuring, Annabelle series. The story is very intriguing. The stark imagery and demonic cutaways were implemented to marvelous effect. Indeed a very scary, spine-tingling n dreadful film. The interior lighting and shading at the house to some of the daytime n nighttime cemetary exteriors provided some beautiful photography. The old house with the many rooms, a water well inside its premise n an olden era bathroom all added an eerie feel. The demons with their umbrella’s in the cemetary was top notch scary stuff. Some solid jump scares as well as some other stylish cuts help create a sense of terror. The film is full of non cliches jump scares which r creepy n terrifying. There is one very violent n detailed gruesome scene which i don’t wanna spoil.

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